Trending Destinations in India

India is a country that never fails to amaze in all seasons of the year. From tropical paradises, cold deserted wonders, hilly panoramas, dense forests, old-world charm, historical gems to vibrant nightlife, it has been a globe trendsetter for all the ideal reasons.  It is home to numerous world-renowned heritage sites that are also recognized by UNESCO.  Its architectural brilliance has set a benchmark when we talk about the heritage wonders of the world. A trip to India is a sure shot adventure filled with unexpected experiences that would tantalize your senses on every visit. 

While it’s hard to narrow down the best places to visit in India, we have shortlisted some of the crowd-favourite destinations that literally cover everything and something for all travellers. Be it a family trip, a honeymoon getaway, or a trip with your friends, these attractions will fit perfectly. You can not only plan your day with a local sightseeing tour, but also indulge in adventure sports, home cooking classes, cultural shows, wildlife safaris, shopping sprees, food expeditions and what not. 

While you explore the treasures of India, learning the vast history of the country is a special experience in itself. The centuries-old heritage is a testament of its glorious past and the unparallel skills of the artisans of its times. The spiritual landmarks present in the country offer profound insights into various religions, traditions and cultures that are still followed by the locals in majority. The warm hospitality and the love of the locals would make you comfortable in no time and this is the country where guests are considered equal to God. 

There’s nothing that would stop you from falling in love with this country and make you visit here on repeat. If you’re all prepped to visit this country, we have listed below a few trending destinations in India where you can have a memorable time and go back home with happy memories. Let’s explore them right away…

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Travel ideas by month

The country of India shall stun you with its extravagance through the year. However, when you discover its diverse charisma in the right season, time and climate, your experience becomes worth more cherishing.

Its rich beauty, deep-rooted cultures and zesty festivals can be enjoyed through the year but it’s time you plan your India tour the smart way. Below is a quick guide to detail you on which destinations you shall travel respective to each month.

We believe to bring you rounded up with a salubrious climate in the month you visit India. This well-crafted guide would make it all the more easier for you to design your itinerary the intelligent way so that you can enjoy the best of your trip.

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