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The city of Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana in India. It is believed to be a 400-year city and is located on the banks of the Musi River and the Deccan Plateau. The city of Hyderabad will charm you through its architectural treasures on every visit. It is also crowned as the India’s IT capital as it has the headquarters of top IT giants like Microsoft, Google and Amazon.
A trip to India is incomplete without a visit to Hyderabad, the 16th century city with a rich historical background and a multitude of cultures in and around. It is a mixed establishment known for its holiest heritages and cuisine. We have listed down a few noted attractions for you to explore here. Before that, we would like to give you a heads up on the best way to travel to Hyderabad.

How to Reach Hyderabad

Th best way to reach Hyderabad is by boarding a flight to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. If you prefer to travel by train, board a train to Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station. If you wish to travel by car, the city is well connected to most cities in Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra and Orissa.
Major Places to visit in Hyderabad

•    Ramoji Film City
The Ramoji Film City is the world’s largest integrated film city complex by the Guinness World Book Records that dives you into the celluloid world of Indian cinema. It is an unmissable attraction spread across 2500 acres and is said to accommodate 20 film sets at once. This venue has a diverse establishment as it not only comprises film sets but also has adventure sports, toy train rides, surrounding gardens and the Amer Palace to offer.
While you walk through the inspiring and visually appealing film sets, our representative shall enlighten you with interesting facts about the origin and popularity of Indian cinema. We recommend you reserve one full day aside for Ramji Film City tour. So the next time you plan a trip to India, this attraction is a must include in your itinerary.

•    Charminar
The 16th century tourist attraction, Charminar is where the heart of Hyderabad lies. This monument reflects the influence of Muslim Turkomans in the country of India. Inspired by Islamic style of architecture, it is a square-shaped structure composed of granite and is flanked by four minarets adorned with carved rings at every corner. The best time to visit is at night when it is illuminated with lights.

•    Golconda Fort
Nestled on a 390 ft high hilltop, the 400-year old Golconda Fort comprises the ruins of palaces, mosques, eight gateways, mounted cannons, majestic halls and much more. The high pavilion close to 130 meters in height offers a spectacular bird’s eye view of other buildings.

•    Salarjung Museum
Titled as the third largest museum in India, the Salarjung museum has an extensive collection of antiques collected by one man named Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali or Salarjung III. It is believed that he spent 35 years to collect all the antiques. The sizeable antique collection is not only from India but mostly from the West, Middle East and Far East regions. It is nothing less than a royal treat for art enthusiasts as this museum is said to have 43,000 objects and nearly 50,000 books and manuscripts. You would take an entire day to visit this museum!

•    Mecca Masjid
Located adjacent to the Charminar, the Mecca Masjid lends a divine aura to the Muslims in the city. It can easily accommodate 10,000 worshippers at a time. It is believed that this mosque is constructed from the bricks brought from Mecca. It is one of the prime worship spot in the city and is counted among the largest mosques in India.

•    Chowmohalla Palace
The enticing 18th century Chowmohalla Palace was the former residence of the Nizams from 18th to 20th century. The palace is a magnetic edifice that displays splendid architectural delights and is thus a popular attraction of the state. The construction of the palace is inspired from European, Rajasthani, Persian, and Indo-Saracenic, architectural styles.

Best time to visit Hyderabad
If you are planning a trip to India to discover Hyderabad, the month of October observes a pleasant weather and the months November to February are ideal for full-day sightseeing excursions. The months March-July usually are the hottest months of the year.

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