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Odisha, formerly Orissa, is the state known for vibrant dance, art, music, and spectacular heritage. The grandiose and finesse of Orissa’s architecture is a major crowd puller for years. Some of its finest temples like the Sun Temple in Konark, Lingaraja Temple, and the Jagannath Temple in Puri attract a slew of tourists all year round.

This uber-talented state is a top-favorite in Heritage and Culture tours India as it is a spectacular abode of fascinatingly-sculptured temples and monuments.  It is home to years-old craft techniques, incredible Rath Yatra festival, Pattachitra or cloth-based scroll painting, tie-dye printed sarees, classical dance forms, and the refreshing Koratpur coffee. There are a lot more wonderful secrets about Odisha that are worth exploring!

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How to Reach Odisha
The splendid city of Odisha calls with all the possible love in the world. This city is home to 17 airports operating flights for commercial, private, and military use. All you need to do is book a flight to Biju Patnaik International Airport or a flight to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai followed by a cab to Odisha. You can also book seats in some of the frequently run trains like Rajdhani, Coromandel Express, or Konark Express to reach here. We recommend you book the tickets beforehand if traveling during the peak season.
Major Places to visit in Odisha

The capital of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar holds a legendary history that will certainly leave you amazed. This city is believed to be as old as the 3rd century BC and its unique pilgrimage sites fascinate tourists from all around the world. To everyone’s surprise, this historic city is a fast-evolving hub of start-ups like other biggies including Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. While it is pacing towards modernization, this city still has a strong historical influence that reflects through its prominent temples.  The most popular attractions here are the Lingaraja temple, Udayanagiri hill, and Nandankanan Zoological Park etcetera.

Renowned as the spiritual capital of Odisha, Puri is a treasure trove of beautiful temples, shrines, natural wonders, and spectacular architectural splendor. Counted among one of the four dhams (sacred pilgrimages) of Hinduism, any pilgrimage tour in India is incomplete without a visit to the Jagannath temple here. The Jagannath temple is a 12th-century creation where the noted ‘Rath Yatra’ festival is hosted every year. There are various attractions in and around the city that tops the bucket list of every type of traveler. A 360-degree tour of this city will take you an immersive journey of the country’s natural beauty and heritage altogether. 

Konark Sun Temple
The 13th century Konark Sun Temple is a visually-impressive holy creation dedicated to Lord Surya, the Sun God. This temple is built in the form of a golden chariot placed on twelve ornated wheels and driven by seven horses. Its entire structure is covered with intricate carvings. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. You can visit this attraction during the Sun Festival to witness the glory and grandeur of this temple best.
Chilika Lake
Famed as the largest brackish water lake, the Chilika Lake is also counted among the largest water lagoons in the world. It is a pear-shaped lagoon that is abode to a highly productive ecosystem with rich fishing grounds. It is a common migratory ground for birds in the winter season. To your surprise, this is one of the only two lagoons where you can spot the Irrawaddy dolphins in the country.

Shopping Places in Odisha
Odisha is not just about visually appealing heritage and natural beauty, this paradise is also noted for its ultimate shopping experiences on moderate budgets. Its shopping spots are a perfect one-stop-shop to buy mementos or gifts for your loved ones. If you want an enriching experience on your vacay in Odisha, a shopping spree is just what you need. You can head to its top-notch bazaars (shopping centers) like Station Square, Ekamra Haat, Orissa Modern Art Gallery, and Saree Mandir.
Best time to visit 
Before you book any India Culture tours to explore Odisha, we recommend you to visit this place during the winter season. The climate gets quite hot and humid during the summer season. You should avoid visiting between March end to mid-June and the best months would be November to end of February. This is the time when the weather is salubrious for day-long explorations. 

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