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Hampi is an ancient village nestled on the southern bank of River Tunghabhadra of Karnataka. It is now an official UNESCO World Heritage Site for its complex of historic temples known to be among the oldest functioning temples of the country. These temples boast various historic tales that can be best discovered when you enjoy a real-time experience of this place.
These temples reflect the famous architecture, sculptures and culture of the Vijayanagar empire. As you go on a sightseeing tour of Hampi, you would be accompanied with a local guide who would have solid knowledge of its history. A full-day sightseeing tour of this city also includes its country-side villages, a pleasant walk through its rustic villages where the houses are built from wooden pillars.

The Best time to explore this historical site is during early morning or early evening for capturing mesmerizing sunrise and sunset.

How to reach Hampi

By Air
The closest international airport is in Bellary, approximately 350 kms away from Hampi.
By Rail
The nearest railway station is Hospet Railway station located 13 km away. Hospet 
By Road
Tourists can board a Volvo/AC bus or hire a cab from Bangalore, Bellary and Hospet. 

Major Places to visit in Hampi

•    Virupaksha Temple
Dating back to 7th century AD, Virupaksha Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This holy retreat was formerly a small shrine and was later expanded into a huge complex. It comprises of a hall of pillars, a courtyard, a monastery and multiple entrances. The rare triple-headed statue of Nandi believed to be the guardian deity of Lord Shiva. 

•    Hemakuta Hill Temple
Nestled at a hilltop, it offers splendid views of the surrounding Khajuraho group of temples. You would need to do an approximate 15-minute climb to reach. The Hemakuta temple complex houses various shrines of pre- and early-Vijaynagara rule. 

•    Matanga Hill
The Matanga Hill in Hampi is abode to the Veerbhadra Temple. It is also the highest peak of Hampi that can be reached by short duration trek. You can reach here by a 30-minute climb. It is an ideal spot for photographers to capture amazing sunrise and sunset views that adds more charm to the rustic beauty of Hampi.

•    Vijay Vithala Temple
Dedicated to Vitthala (incarnation of Lord Vishnu), the Vijay Vitthala Temple dates back to 15th century AD. It displays creativity, excellent and unmatched artistic skills of craftsmen of its times. This iconic temple fascinates tourists with its musical pillars and unmatched stone chariot. 
Around Hampi

•    Hospet
Located in close proximity to Hampi, Hospet is another popular historical getaway for tourists. It is believed that the great King Krishna Deva Raya of Vijaynagara dynasty built this city in honor of his mother. It derived its name from ‘Hosa Pete’ meaning ‘New City’. It is home to renowned attractions like the Tungabhadra Dam, Hazara Rama temple, the Royal Palace, the Archaelogical Museum and many more.

•    Hassan
Noted for its natural splendor, Hassan is a treasure house of Hoysala’s architectural brilliance. It is believed to be named after the goddess Hassan-amma or Hasanamba. Its top sightseeing spots are Gorur Dam, Shettihalli Church, Hoysala temples, Bhagwan Bahubali Statue, and Lakshmi Narsimha Temple.

•    Badami
Formerly called Vatapi, Badami is a valley of rugged red sandstone comprising of architectural treasures in the form of rock-cut cave temples. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has four cave temples, three Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Nataraja and Lord Vishnu and one Jain temple dedicated to Lord Mahavira. In addition to temples, the serene Agastya Lake,  the Badami Fort and the Badami Archaeological Museum are worth an exploration too.

•    Hubli
Hubli is the commercial, educational and industrial hub of Karnataka. This city is home to a religious mix of Hindus, Jains, Christians and Muslims. It hosts various festivals with Ganesh Chaturthi becoming the most widely-celebrated festival. Its most popular attractions are the Unkal Lake, Sidharoodha Math, Indira Gandha Glass House Garden, Chandramouleshwar Temple and Nrupatunga Betta. 

Shopping places in Hampi
The shopping markets of Hampi are a must-visit to buy stone artefacts, leather items, lambani crafts. Banana fiber crafts, and a lot more. The Hampi Bazaar and Vittala Bazaar are best places for shopping. 

Best time to visit Hampi
The best time to visit Hampi and places around Hampi is during the months of October, November, December, January and February. The salubrious weather is great for explorations during the day.

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